Conference Papers & Lectures

2020 Visionary Dimension in the Byzantine Tradition of Holy foolishness, Dreams, Phantasms and Memories: 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference (online)

 2019 St. Andrew the Fool of Constantinople: the Holy Fool as a Dreamer and Visionary, IASD Conference, Kerkrade, the Netherlands

2019 Fool for Christ as Visionary and Prophet: the Case of St. Andrew the Fool of Constantinople, Guest lecture, PIMS, Toronto, Canada

2017 The Fool and His Dreams: Visionary Narratives in the Byzantine Tradition of Holy Foolishness, IASD Conference, Anaheim, California, USA

2017 The Equalizing Power of Vision: Female Holy Fools in Byzantium and Slavdom, CAS, Toronto, Canada 

2016 The Phenomenology of Foolishness for Christ's Sake: Gendered Aspects, ASEEES, Washington DC, USA

2016 Monastic and Urban Holy Foolishness in Palladius' Lausiac History, The New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Sarasota, USA

2015 Andrei Zviagintsev's "Leviathan" (2014) and its Contexts, AATSEEL, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2014 From Isidora to Pussy Riot: Female Holy Fools in Eastern Orthodox Tradition. OTRF, UK

2014 Zviagintsev's Elena (2011): And the Last Shall be First. CAS, Brock University, Ontario, Canada

2010 Lives and Vitae of Holy Fools in Medieval Russia: the Case of Vasilii the Blessed of Moscow. CAS, Montreal, QC, Canada

2009 Medieval Slavic Appropriations of Byzantine Spirituality: the Example of Fools for Christ,     Lecture, PIMS, University of Toronto, Canada

2009 Holy Foolishness in the Paterikon of Kievan Caves Monastery, AAASS Convention, Boston, MA

2009 (Un)holy Foolishness in Abuladze’s Repentance and Lungin's Taxi-Blues and The Island, Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, Canadian Association of Slavists, Ottawa, ON

2008 “Isaakii of the Kievan Caves Monastery: An Ascetic Feigning Madness or a Madman-Turned-Saint?” Lecture, PIMS, University of Toronto, Canada

2008 The Paradigm of the Hebrew Prophet and the Russian Tradition of Iurodstvo, International Congress of Slavists, Macedonia

2007 Holy Foolery and Playing the Fool in Post-Soviet Cinematic Commentary on the Era of Stagnation, AAASS Convention, New Orleans, LA

2007 Urban Saints of Medieval Russia: the Fool for Christ as a Prophet International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, UK

2006 Nature and Salvation in the Prose of Svetlana Vasilenko, AAASS Convention, Washington DC

2005 Quest for Selfhood and Dystopia in Post-Soviet Literature: Valerii Shevchuk’s Eye of the Abyss. AATSEEL Convention, Washington DC

2005 “Francis of Assisi and the Paradigm of Foolishness for Christ,” 39th International Congress on the Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI

2004  “The Poetics of Foolishness in Christ in Post-Soviet Russian Literature: Svetlana Vasilenko’s novel-vita, “Little Fool,” AAASS Convention, Boston, MA

2003  “Deconstructing the Soviet Canon: Ukraine as the Other in the Prose of Valerii Shevchuk,” AAASS Convention, Toronto

2003  St. Prokopii of Ustiug: the Life of a Holy Fool in the Making, 38th International Congress on the Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI

2002  Foolishness in Christ: Eastern Orthodox and Western Catholic Perspectives, American Academy of Religion Annual Convention, Toronto, ON

2002  Post-Colonial Discourse in Valerii Shevchuk's “The Eye of the Abyss”: Ascetics and Visionaries or Crooks and Tyrants?  Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, CAS, Toronto, ON

2001  Novgorodian Paradigm of Holy Foolishness, AATSEEL Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA

2001  The Iurodivyi and the Drama of Boris Godunov in Karamzin's History, Pushkin's Tragedy, and Musorgskii's Opera, Symposium "The Many Lives of Boris Godunov," University of Toronto

2001  Provocative Holiness of Byzantine Fools in Christ, Conference on Byzantine Monasticisms,

University of Toronto, ON

2000   Folly without Holiness: Paradigm of Holy Foolishness in the Correspondence between Ivan the Terrible and Prince Kurbskii, AATSEEL Annual Convention, Washington DC

1999  The Subtext of Christian Asceticism in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s ‘One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich,’ Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, CAS, Sherbrook, Quebec

1998  Isaak of the Cave Monastery and Avraamii of Smolensk: Holy Foolishness in Kievan Rus, 
 AAASS National Convention, Boca Raton, Florida

1997  Myth and Anti-Myth: Valerii Shevchuk’s ‘To the Maw of The Dragon,’
 AAASS National Convention, Seattle, Washington

1997  Holy Foolish Sanctity in Tolstoi, AATSEEL Annual Convention, Washington DC 

1996  Valerii Shevchuk’s ‘Hunchback Zoya’: Dialogue of Genders, AAASS National Convention, Boston, Massachusetts

1996  Symbolic Subtexts of Valerii Shevchuk, Fifteenth Annual Conference on Ukrainian subjects, UIUC, Illinois

1995  The King Saltan Tale as a Part of Pushkin’s Eschatological Mythology, AATSEEL Annual Convention, Chicago, Illinois

1995  Abysmal Rebirth: Andrei Bely’s Symbolist Aesthetics,  Graduate Student Conference,  “Russian Literature and Society between Two Wars (1856-1914),” Toronto, Canada


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